Tuesday 8th May

I managed to make it to Berwick yesterday where Danny had parked his car on Friday.

I have gone from being very well to very unwell in a short space of time. This morning Danny drove us to a specialist dental hospital in Newcastle to be checked over; the outcome is I have a temperature of 39 degrees because of the tooth infection which they are struggling to reduce, so they are going to do emergency surgery in one of the hospital’s main theatres. It goes to show how hard it is for us to live with these conditions, nothing is ever simple!

I am going to have surgery and will be kept in hospital until I am well enough to leave. I plan to take a rest, I’m not sure yet if that will be in Newcastle, or if I will have to go home and decide when, and if, I am able to continue.

I’ll keep you all updated. Don’t worry I’m staying positive!

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  1. Very sorry to hear about your dental trouble.
    Health first, Challenge second! You’ve achieved so much already.
    Get well soon!

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