Friday 18th May

I am over-the-moon to tell you, I am back on the road today!

I spent a few days and a couple of nights in hospital at the beginning of this week and the infection is finally under control and I am feeling very well again. I can’t thank the staff at the RVI enough for how I was looked after and how hard they tried to find some antibiotics my body can tolerate.

I haven’t completely healed so I will be taking things slowly and I do not have a plan as to how far I will cycle over the next few days apart from that I will be in Kilham on Sunday evening. If anyone does want to join me please let me know and I will send you my phone number and we can organise.

Thank you for sticking by me during this difficult time. Normal blog posts will resume when I figure out what day I am on!

Here is a photo from yesterday when I met the local police! It would be much easier if they leant me their buggy for the rest of the trip, don’t you think?

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