Wednesday 9th May

Thank you for all of your messages yesterday! I am overwhelmed by the support. I am sorry if I haven’t replied to all of your messages but I have read them all and am truly grateful.

I will write about it fully later and will fill in the missing day in my blog but I just want to let everyone know that the Hospital in Newcastle was absolutely fantastic and looked after me extremely well. I am now staying in a hotel in Newcastle for the next few days to rest and recover. I have use of a small swimming pool, gym and jacuzzi and my trike is being stored in the luggage room! I have been offered a lot of local help if I need it and I’m going to visit a fellow EDSer and friend tomorrow which I am quite excited about.

I am a little sore but have bounced back pretty quickly, I think that’s credit to how physically strong I am now! I am very lucky that I was close to a hospital that could treat me.

I can only ever have treatment somewhere that they are able to deal with any serious complications and anaesthetist is on standby as:

  • My jaw dislocates often
  • .I have an instability in my neck which means it is at risk of dislocating if moved out of a neutral position, especially if I lose my airway and need incubating.
  • I have Mast Cell Activation disorder and serious allergies so am at risk of going into anaphylaxis
  • I  am allergic to all antibiotics and pain medications apart from paracetamol

Despite all of this I hope to be back on the road by the end of the weekend according to how my recovery goes. When I know for sure I will redo my schedule and make sure everyone knows where I will be and when. Danny has just returned to go back home to Wokingham so he will help me remotely with this.

I’m not at all upset about having to stop for a few days as I think it will be of benefit and I was so unwell I had absolutely no choice but to seek help. I see it as a positive that it has been dealt with and it was just one more hurdle to overcome. When I start again I really am on the home straight now and hopefully it will go very smoothly! I am still smiling albeit it through a slight hamster face today!

Through adversity comes strength! And I will come back stronger.

Thanks again for your messages they really help!

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