DAY 47 – Craignure to Kilchoan

Wednesday 11th April

We arose early in the Bunkhouse (pre 6am) and crept out of our shared dorm, trying our hardest to not wake the other guests. After a breakfast of banana porridge we packed up our bikes and hit the road, Sören included, but not before taking in the breathtaking view from right outside the bunkhouse front door.

The weather forecast for today was one of the best I have had and we eagerly pedalled towards the sunshine. The roads were flat, the wind was low, and when we hit that wall of sunshine it washed over me and warmed every inch of my body. The flat roads weren’t to last long, but I’ll get to that later.

After cycling on the main road for a while we took the B road which circled the north of the Isle of Mull. After dodging a few potholes we were quickly greeted by a truly spectacular view – it had everything: lapping waves on a rocky shoreline; a mountainous backdrop with clouds blending perfectly into the summit; and sun baked grasslands alive with wildlife. We basked in this beauty for over 15 minutes before continuing with our ride.

We pressed on and arrived at the foot of the day’s first major climb – a long and steep affair which would go on to characterise the remainder of our day! As I climbed upwards I was afforded the chance to look around and take in the mesmerising views – one of the benefits of riding on three wheels is you don’t have to balance and therefore I can freely look around😀 .

By this point in the morning it was warm enough for Danny to ditch his leg warmers and for me to be in short sleeves – quite a juxtaposition for Scotland after being caught out by all the snow in the south of England’s ‘beast from the east’!

The three of us pressed on and found a quiet little beach which had a tuck bar, but unfortunately this was closed. We were about to have a lunch of snacks when a couple of other cyclists appeared and told us there was actually a cafe just 400 yards up the next hill. After lunch our dessert was more hills and pretty much the remainder of today’s ride was either steeply up or steeply down!

One last push to the top of the final climb for the day left us with an easy descent into Tobermory where we would get the ferry over to Kilchoan, back on the mainland.

There was a 2:30 ferry which we had originally decided we couldn’t make, so we agreed to do some grocery shopping and meet back up with Sören in a local pub. But after a quick rethink of the remaining day’s plans we hopped on the ferry and headed over to Kilchoan. This meant we couldn’t thank Sören in person for his companionship over the past two days, however I did manage to send him a message to that effect – so if you’re reading this blog now thank you and I hope to meet up with you again on our trips 😀.

A short ride from the ferry terminal we arrived at our campsite for the night. I was excited to pitch our two man bike packing tent Danny had brought up for us and use it for the first time (there was no way we were both fitting in my one man tent!).

Before we could relax I had a broken spoke to fix in one of my front wheels – probably something to do with the numerous potholes on some of Mull’s backroads.

I cooked us dinner and we chatted to some of the locals. We learnt that a modern wooden house on the hillside was up for sale and we contemplated what life would be like if we lived here permanently, I don’t think we would ever tire of waking up to such a stunning view.

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  1. Marvellous views and looks like great weather hope it lasts for a while to help speed along your way round the coastline

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