ICE Trikes Unite – Making friends on the road

Last week Danny and I visited Mandy Adams on our way back from Yorkshire. Mandy got into contact with me through an Ice Trike Owners group on facebook, asking if she can join me for a few days on my trip. Mandy has Parkinson’s but is very determined not to let this stop her taking on challenges and having adventures on her Ice Trike Sprint with electric assist, that I am sure I will be pretty jealous of when we go up any hills!

When we arrived at her house Mandy was keen to show us the family photo-books they have put together after all of cycling tours they have done. As we were told about each adventure I started getting more excited about the challenge and all of the beautiful scenery I was going to see.

Mandy treated us to lunch whilst we talked about some of the logistics of the trip. Unfortunately we did not get to meet her husband as he had taken their camper van to be serviced. At the moment I plan to meet Mandy and her husband who will be driving the camper van near Robin Hoods bay and later cycle some of the Lincolnshire coast together.

It was fantastic to meet someone with a similar mind set to me, who has found a way to get out and cycle despite any limitations. I am really looking forward to cycle with and make friends with Mandy and her family.

It has become clear from the messages I have had over the past few weeks since publishing my website, that there are many strangers who have shown great kindness. I have had many positive supportive messages,  offers of accommodation and a lot of offers to join me on sections of the trip from old and new friends. Please keep getting in touch!

See you in North Yorkshire Mandy! 

Mandy’s ICE Sprint

Find out more about Parkinson’s here –





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