Hello from Shetland!

Hello everyone. Thank you for coming back to my website and checking out my blog. Although I have finished the Coast to Strength challenge I plan to keep updating the site and writing blog posts on some of the interesting things I have been up to.

As some of you may know I had to finish my challenge before 5th June as I was booked on a cruise to Iceland with my grandma and mum. At one point when I was lying in my hospital bed at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle I thought I wasn’t going to make it back. Despite everyone telling my it was fine to take a break and finish the last parts after the cruise I just couldn’t allow that to happen – I had to be back and I had to have completed the journey! I upped my mileage and made it home with days to spare, and even in time to go to the Tour of Cambridgeshire with Danny!

On Wednesday 6th June we set sail from Tilbury in Essex (somewhere I cycled through the previous Tuesday) and got the holiday underway. First stop was Amsterdam where we spent the day before sailing throughout the night and next day before arriving in at the Shetland Islands this morning.

I am having a fantastic time on the cruise with mum and grandma, today we saw a rare Arctic Bearded seal, puffins, Shetland ponies and local Shetland thoroughbred sheep (which look like goats). We have had a fantastic local tour guide just to ourselves and have been told many stories. It’s a wonderful place and just makes me want to be back cycling in Scotland. The roads here are very smooth!

I am managing to rest and recover although I have just purchased a book about travelling in the Outer Hebrides, and another titled ‘Greatest bike rides of the world’! Perhaps I am looking for another adventure. Tomorrow we go to the Faroe Islands where my cousin lives, I doubt anyone else will have family greeting them off the ship, and then on to Iceland!

Once were in Iceland I am hoping to add whales to my list of animals – I’ll do my best to capture it on my phone and post the photos on here!

Keep checking back and follow my facebook page www.facebook.com/cyclingzebra/ to hear about any updates.

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  1. Good luck Natalie you’re a very lucky girl. Love to your mum and grandma. I think I also remember your cousin from the Faroe Islands at your wedding. Xx

  2. Enjoy the well earned rest and relaxation and don’t get too carried away with planning the next one until the high of this amazing achievement has subsided a little

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