Days 86 – 88

Day 86

Sunday 20th May

The opposite to yesterday a very hilly start, up out of Robin Hood’s Bay. I had my tent packed up and I was on the road by 7am and I lost count of the 20 plus gradients I climbed before 8am!

The sun was already hot and I was worried about my skin burning so put as much suncream on as I could. This turned my black shorts slightly white! I had to do a short stretch on the cinder trail to the lanes near to Ravenscar. This is on the edge of the moors and I was cycling up and down the hills between the moorland and the sea. The views were just stunning and you could just about see down to Robin Hood’s Bay where I cycled down the 30 percent gradient to have dinner last night. The gravel potholed track was very slow going and the tarmac was a very welcome sight.

Once I had conquered the big hills of the day I made fantastic progress through the scenic villages, many with Tour De Yorkshire yellow and blue flags, on my way into Filey. I met with Danny’s Dad Brian and Maureen to have lunch. Unfortunately not many people like to eat lunch at 10:30am so it took us a little while to find somewhere serving food. We settled on a little cafe below the bandstand. I had made such good progress that I could afford to stop for a few hours whilst we caught up and chatted about my ride, I’ve loved meeting new people along the way but nothing compares to ease of having a good chat with friends and family whilst I ate a fantastic crab sandwich.

I said goodbye to head round the Scarborough seafront which made for great cycling until I hit the cobbles up the hill afterwards and then round Flamborough Headland before going slightly inland to Kilham.

The morning’s sun had been covered by a sea mist, I later found out this is called a North East Haar, it had gone from one extreme to the other and was freezing! I was worried at one point that I needed to put my lights on as it became quite thick. There was no point going to the end of the headland as I wouldn’t have seen anything other than the ground in front of my feet.

I continued on towards Bridlington and found the lane I would use to cycle into Kilham that’s about 6 miles long. There was still very little of the view to be seen. A couple of miles out of Kilham the mist had come to an end and I could see the beautiful patchwork of fields and the bright yellow of the Rapeseed. The hill I cycled down into the village would need to be climbed on my way out so I was a little wary when I felt like I was going down for a long time picking up quite a bit of speed! The church came into view and I felt like I was at home, my second home with Danny’s mum Glyn.

Glyn was coincidentally visiting Danny this weekend and wouldn’t be back until later so after giving the dogs Bailey and Benson some attention, I did all of my washing and then washed myself before having a rest. By the time Glyn got home my washing was already dry and we went to the local pub for dinner. By this point I had decided to have a rest day tomorrow.

Day 87

Monday 21st May

A rest day. My legs are feeling very tired after being back on the road since I was unwell in Newcastle and still being on antibiotics I decided a rest day wouldn’t hurt. After all, Kilham feels like a second home to me and I’m very comfortable at Glyn’s (my mother in law) house. We started our day with a dog walk in the local fields, I hoped this would stretch out my stiff and sore legs, I was walking a little more normally by the time I got home.

Glyn showed me the sponsorship form that she has been collecting money with and the support is fantastic from friends, locals and her netball team and then I was showed the form in the village shop where they have worked hard to tell everyone what I am doing. Thank you Kilham!

For the first time on my trip I did something other than eat, sleep, and think about cycling! We went to a garden centre to buy some plants for Glyn’s garden and then went into town where I bought some more suncream and some bike cleaning supplies from Driffield Bike Cafe.

When we got home and started making lunch I had a phone call from some friends who were also going to join us so we had to quickly make our lunch stretch for 4 people. We had a lovely afternoon and after they left I had to change my tyres and clean my trike , the cleaning took a while! Despite what you may think I haven’t been trying to deliberately skid my bike around corners!

I talk a lot about Danny’s support but the support I get and have always had from his family has been amazing although I think Glyn worries about me more than my own parents do! They are used to me!

Glyn has always taken the time to understand about my conditions and what my stomach can and can’t digest and for that I will always be truly grateful, and couldn’t be luckier. I wish I could stay for longer, but more cycling has to be done!

Day 88

Tuesday 22nd May

If only everyday was flat, sunny, had a tail wind and fantastic company!

I started out from Kilham this morning. Jeff a local cyclist turned up just before half 7 to cycle with me. I delayed us a little as when I stepped outside I decided I needed to tape and clip my flag to my trike in the strong wind – I can’t possibly lose another one!

We cycled up the biggest (very small) hill of the day out of Kilham and headed towards Hornsea. Jeff told me about the long distance adventures he has been on, chatting and a strong tail wind meant that the miles ticked away quicker than they have done my whole trip. We reached Hornsea, every shop, wall and roundabout was decorated in blue and yellow flags, bikes and signs. It was pretty obvious that they had welcomed the Tour de Yorkshire through, I felt very at home on a bike (trike) here. We were so ahead of time that we stoped for a hot drink. Jeff cycled with me a little further and had a quick go on my trike before he braved the headwind home. I have had a headwind since I turned the corner at John o’Groats and now having the wind behind me has made it so much easier, but it makes me feel a little guilty when I’m joined by others as I know they will have to cycle back against it!

I cycled a little further through real Yorkshire countryside, winding lanes, through bright yellow fields of rapeseed and met Brenda and Lesley at Coniston. We cycled together on a cycle path through Hull (this along with its barriers reduced my average speed quite significantly) which provided a great opportunity to chat about their local Beverley cycling group call WOW (Women On Wheels)!

Navigating Hull wasn’t easy and I was forgiven for the couple of wrong turns I took whilst trying to follow a national cycle route. The route spat us out at a car park below the Humber Bridge where I was quite excited to meet Beth and her husband. Beth also has a chronic condition and was having a good day and I was so pleased she could come out and cheer me on!

Brenda, Lesley and I all continued over the Humber bridge and then stopped in a cafe below it to have lunch. I had already cycled nearly 50 miles so there was absolutely no rush and we took our time. There was a fantastic view back over the bridge from the cafe and they both had a go on my trike before we parted ways and they like Jeff had a headwind to battle.

I havn’t had company for while and I’ve missed it, even better that we visit East Yorkshire quite a lot so I am looking forward to cycling with everyone again in the future, you never know I might even manage to cycle with WOW!

I continued on by myself into Lincolnshire on the country lanes, I knew I was near the sea but not alongside it. I eventually reached Grimsby with very little effort and stopped for a drink to consider if there was a possibility to cycle further than planned as I just wanted to keep going. Unfortunately the next nearest campsite was another 30 miles and I deemed that a little too far. So I cycled the 2 miles to Cleethorpes showground campsite. It was still very windy so I was very happy when the campsite owner let me pitch my tent in one of the most sheltered spots on the site. I pitched my tent and went to the local carvery for dinner. After dinner I decided to try out the campsite’s local pub ‘the smallest pub on the planet’. The pub may have been very small but the friendliness and personality of the locals was huge and I had a great time.

Tomorrow I plan to cycle to a campsite near Boston but I will see what the wind brings 😀.

Thank you to everyone I have met and cycled with today!

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