Days 66 and 67 Inverness

Monday 30th April

I turned up at the bike shop just after they opened to find out that my front derailleur hadn’t arrived and it would probably take another day.

With beautiful weather forecast Sören and I did the short cycle to Dores on the side of Loch Ness. We spent the day having a couple of drinks and relaxing on the beach. It turns out the padding from my trike seat is very comfortable and I fell asleep for a bit! We dipped our toes in the water which was pretty cold but not unbearable to stand in. A truely relaxing rest day!

On the way back we bought some supplies from Tesco and cooked our host David dinner. We all ended up staying up pretty late drinking wine and chatting, which wasn’t too wise!

Tuesday 1st May

It’s Danny’s birthday today so the first thing I did was call him. I feel pretty guilty for not being with him on his birthday but my parents are taking him out for dinner this evening!

I again took my trike into the shop first thing this time with all of my bags as I needed to make some headway. Luckily the front derailleur had arrived. Sören and I went for breakfast and then had a hot chocolate in the chocolate cafe, before wandering round the shops.

It took a few hours and I needed a new chain and front disk pads too (I’ve been carrying these with me.) When I went back my trike appeared to be working very well – thanks Bikes of Inverness!

I was extremely tired from the late night but also from just wandering around not doing very much. I gained a little more energy when I started cycling but I knew that I didn’t have much more time in the day to go too far so I earmarked a campsite 20 miles down the road in Nairn.

Unfortunately their tent area is out of use because they have put a generator on it for the camper vans. The next campsite was another 15 miles along the road, I had an early dinner in the restaurant and set out finding somewhere to camp near to the public toilets at the end of the site. As I continued along the trail I hit the sand dunes, these didn’t look too protected from the wind so I went back on myself to make camp under a tree that I had seen. It’s a little bit too close to the path for my liking but protected from the wind and I didn’t fancy traipsing any further off road with my trike.

A couple of dog walkers and runners came past but it wasn’t too much of a problem. I looked at the weather forecast which showed cloud cover all night and fell asleep quite early.

I was woken by heavy rain which seemed to stay for most of the night! The forecast has changed and I am currently sat writing this in my tent which is being pelted with rain! I’m going to relax for a couple more hours and make some headway when it eases a little – it’s the first time I have camped with phone reception and 4G for a long time! Please see below for my plan for the next week.

So my trike is fixed, can someone fix the weather too please..?


SCHEDULE FOR THE NEXT WEEK – Join me, meet me, cycle with me – just let me know 

WED 2nd May: Nairn to Portsoy – 59m, 2100ft

‪THU 3rd May: Portsoy to Curden Bay – 58m, 3200ft‬

‪FRI 4th May: Curden Bay to Montrose (via Aberdeen) – 67m, 3240ft‬

‪I will be in Aberdeen for lunchtime if anyone wants to meet. ‬

‪SAT 5th May: Montrose to St Andrews – 53m, 2240ft‬

‪SUN 6th May: St Andrews to Edinburgh or Musselburgh – 68m or less. ‬

‪MON 7th May: Edinburgh (Musselburgh) to Dunbar or Berwick Upon Tweed – 59m, 3250ft‬

‪If anyone wants to cycle with me or meet me in Edinburgh please let me know as I can be flexible with these plans. Danny is going to join me for the weekend and needs to be back in Dunbar or Berwick for the train. ‬

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