Day 92 – Leiston to Ramsey

Saturday 26th May

We had planned a later start so that I could wash my hair (I was too tired last night) and sort out the belongings I have left. Since it has gotten warmer and I am nearing the end I keep culling everything I am carrying, I am now carrying the bare minimals I need to cycle, fix my trike and camp as well as all my medication. If it was up to me I would be carrying nothing but Danny said I would be too smelly and I wouldn’t survive.

We had breakfast and Wendy arrived to cycle with us for the first part of the day. Wendy is friends with Paula who I enjoyed cycling with a couple of days ago. After breakfast I went outside to load up my trike and it was raining, this prompted me to look at the weather forecast which was for rain for the next few hours, but a weather map on another service showed that we would skirt the edge of the heavy downpour. After some deliberating we decided to risk starting and this paid off, as apart from a couple of rain drops, the morning stayed dry.

We headed out of Leiston and along country lanes which were often covered in sand. Every break in the hedgerow saw the road covered. We reached Snape Maltings and Wendy told us that it was now a concert Hall but was originally where local Barley was malted. The collection of old buildings was pretty interesting, I didn’t get a photograph as we were chatting and avoiding sandy patches!

It wasn’t long until the sandy roads took its toll on one of our bikes…and unfortunately for me it was mine! I suffered the first of two punctures at around 15 miles which happily coincided with a short spell of rain. But having two pairs of hands we made light work of the repair and were back on our way.

I had earmarked a cafe at 20 miles where Wendy would turn around and retrace her steps (pedal strokes?) back to her car at Leiston. The cafe proved a welcome break and we had a nice rest before allowing the sun to come out. Wendy was so kind and insisted on paying at the cafe – so if we didn’t say it enough at the time, thank you!

Minutes after leaving the cafe I said to Danny “I’ve developed another rattle” to which he replied “your back tyre is flat!”. Wendy was heading back to her car at the end of this road so we told her to get going and said our goodbyes before setting about fixing the flat.

Back on the road and with no more set backs to come today we were making good progress. The sun was shining as the miles ticked by and we were soon in Ipswich and about to cross the border into Essex. We allowed ourselves an afternoon drink in a local pub before embarking on the last stretch to our overnight stop…it is bank holiday weekend after all!

We arrived at the Castle Inn at Ramsey which handily had a large beer garden which doubled as a campsite. Upon arrival we were the only tent here so pitched up in the best spot.

We had a fantastic dinner in the pub and were treated later to a great acoustic set by a local musician before retiring to our tent. At this point we had all our possessions…but more on that in tomorrow’s blog!

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  1. You Sen to be flying along the est coast with on the whole good weather
    Hope this continues so you make goiod speed to Brighton

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