Day 91 – Cromer to Leiston

Friday 25th May

Day 91, the day I had estimated I would be back in Brighton and that would have been the case if it wasn’t for my mouth problems in Newcastle. Nevertheless I’m feeling stronger than ever and I had Jason, another trike rider, join me for the morning.

We started off a little later than normal to avoid the rain, this meant that I had some time to stretch my legs and have a proper breakfast.

Jason turned up on his ‘winter trike’ (hint, hint Danny) donning mudguards, very sensible; mine have now been taken off! Jason is a keen cyclist and like me loves being out on the road, he has a degenerative neurological condition and his trike is invaluable to him!

I enjoyed cycling on NC30 yesterday so followed this again, it took me quite a long time to realise that this was a mistake, it was quiet and we could chat but the night’s rain had washed everything into the road, it was slow going as we avoided potholes, mud, puddles and piles of grit and twigs. It took me quite a while (15 miles) to give in and head back to the not so main ‘B’ road. There was a sign for a cafe so we stopped for tea and cake. I was umming and ahhing about taking a small coastal road to the main road but when a group of cyclists, who looked like they knew what they were doing, passed we followed them down it. It turns out we were all wrong, they were on a short 4 day tour along the coastline themselves and didn’t know anymore than we did! The tarmac turned into grit with craters in, they asked me if it was the worst road I had been on and it wasn’t…yet. The grit and craters came to an end and the sand started, there was a piece of grass in the middle so I thought that if I could keep my back wheel on that I would get through, after a while my front wheel got caught in the sand and I got pushed out!

We took the first tarmac road we came across and had to head back on ourselves to get to the main road. We chatted with the group of cyclists for a while before they headed off to a cafe, really nice group of guys and I hope they enjoy the rest of their trip. Jason and I carried on into the mist, the visibility was fine but there was certainly no view to be had.

We reached Horsey Windpump, this is a windmill and pump built in 1912 to help drain the water from the land into a higher level system. This fell into disrepair but is excitingly currently being restored. Jason and I spent some time taking photos before it was time for Jason to head back. It was great meeting another trike rider today and made me feel even more passionate that anyone can find a way or means to get out into the countryside and cycle.

I continued on towards Great Yarmouth, I didn’t want to stop as I was only halfway through my mileage and it was after 2pm, but my stomach was rumbling and I needed the energy. I stopped in Gorleston-on-sea at a restaurant that looked out over the sea. I sat outside, despite the mist it was humid and warm with no wind, so quite pleasant to sit outside and look at the very limited view. The owner of the restaurant even gave me some pieces of cake to take away with me.

(My lunchtime sea view)

Danny sent me a message this morning to tell me I had to go to Ness point, luckily NC 1 signposted it so I followed that along the front. I had Britain’s most Easterly Point to myself, the last compass point of my route!

Leiston, my end point of the day, still looked a long way away so I had to crack on, my detour down a mud track didn’t help progress but it was signed as a cycling short cut and was quite enjoyable and provided another view of a waterway.

The rest of the day provided some fantastic lanes to cycle along and I felt stronger as the day went on. My leg muscles are incredibly stiff and sore you, would think after so long on the road they would be used to the abuse I’m putting them under every day, but I think I’ve just got better at ignoring them!

I was very pleased to reach the pub/hotel an hour before Danny, because we had a bath in our room. The first bath I’ve had since leaving Newcastle.

Tomorrow we will cycle 60 miles to Harwich where we have managed to find a campsite with availability, I’m really pleased I’ve got Danny’s company again for the bank holiday weekend!

2 Replies to “Day 91 – Cromer to Leiston”

  1. Another great blog update Natalie and good speed towards Brighton, I am sure you will make on schedule once you adjust for the time taken up with the infection and recovery
    I willl be thinking of you as I set off next week for my challenge and will follow the rest of your journey whilst away

  2. I bet it was nice to have Jason for company that day in those weather, ground conditions. Enjoy the weekend, stay strong.

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