Day 90 – King’s Lynn to Cromer – A go-slow day of being a cycle tourist after my mammoth ride yesterday, I still clocked up 70 miles today though, but more importantly I made another new friend

Thursday 24th May

I made my way out of King’s Lynn up a hill which seemed a little alien compared to my completely flat day yesterday. I got to a roundabout and the coastal road looked like a minor turning, exactly how it looks on a map, however the reality was very different and I found myself on the hard shoulder and cars and lorries whizzing past. I got to Castle Rising where I met a local lady, Paula, who was ready to cycle with me for the morning. The route was supposed to be on the A road all day and without a clear alternative I had to ring Danny for help. This is where technology is fantastic he created me a new route and I could remotely upload that to my Garmin!

The new route was fantastic, we followed National Cycle route 1 for a bit and followed empty, well surfaced country lanes through the fields. Paula and I got on fantastically and were chatting away. After yesterday my body and legs were extremely tired so today I was in go slow mode and the miles were taking quite a while. Norfolk, as I have always been led to believe, is not flat and I think our new route was probably a bit hillier than the original!

We stopped off in a deli for breakfast (I had pasta!) it was quite chilly when we left but not long after the sun came out, I was not expecting to see the sun today so it was a very welcome site. This brightened up the countryside we were cycling through even more, this really was a fantastic route, we cycled through some old villages, the houses and their walled boundaries made with flint.

We had followed one of these large walls for quite a long time and were very intrigued as to what was inside so when we reached the gates we stopped to explore. I really fancied ice cream so we asked some other cyclists who were going through the gates who told us that the stable yard had a cafe! The stable yard was part of Holkham Hall, a very impressive stately home. To reach it we cycled 2 miles along a straight path with a pillar in the middle, our ride had got even better and become car-less! We knew that we would have to retrace our detour but it didn’t matter at all that we were adding on 4 miles to the route because Cycling was just an absolute pleasure in this scenery.

We were stunned by the view of the house as we descended the hill. We had ice cream and I found another vehicle to sit on in my zebra gear! I’m not sure this would be a particularly efficient method of transport though.

We headed back along the same way and then Paula and I said our goodbyes and she headed back towards the start point. Thanks for joining me Paula and for taking it slowly with me! Today was a day for exploration and enjoyment and enjoy it I did!

It was when I was on my own that the tiredness really set in. I had overdone it a bit yesterday but it really was such an achievement so I don’t regret it. The route was quite winding and it was continually tempting just to go on the main road for speed however, despite being tired and having very heavy legs, I was still enjoying the country lanes even if they were longer and hillier.

(Look what I found!)

I got to about 6 miles from my end point and I needed a break! I found a pub and scoffed down some crisps and some sweets for a bit of energy and felt a lot better when I got back into the road into Cromer. As I entered I could see the place I was staying and headed straight there. I’m avoiding camping this evening as heavy rain is forecast.

Hopefully I’ll get to see the seafront in the morning as I’m too tired tonight and it is now raining.

We have had to adapt my route again for tomorrow, it now follows the same NC30 that I have been following this afternoon. It is billed at the Norfolk Coast cycle route so, although it doesn’t run alongside the sea, it’s obvious that this is the best route to cycle and I hope it is as enjoyable as today even if it is in the rain!

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  1. Great effort after yesterday’s long ride keep n pedalling and you will be back to the South soon

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