Day 89 – Grimsby to King’s Lynn

Wednesday 23rd May

So today I was supposed to cycle 67 miles but I just kept going and going and then did a little bit more and have cycled 107 miles! It has probably been the flattest ride I have ever done, however the last 20 miles was into a strong head wind which I will have all day tomorrow! Cycling flat terrain means you have to turn your legs all day and don’t get any rest on the downhills! I must admit I miss the hills!

The majority of the riding has been on country lanes and an absolute pleasure. I’m not sure if it’s because I have done more mileage but I’ve had a fair share of stupid comments today! I’m not lazy because I’m on a recumbent and I’m very aware I’ve got white eyes and no I’m not going to wear make up to cover it up! I would rather look a little bit silly and have achieved a lot rather than look normal and have done nothing.

I am going to have dinner and then crash so please don’t expect a detailed blog post of my day! Here is a little video instead (sorry, it reads Day 87 and not Day 89, I must have got a little confused!) 😀


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