DAY 72 – St Andrews to Edinburgh (Musselburgh)

Sunday 6th May

Today was going to be a good day. The sun was shining, the skies were blue, and I woke up beside Danny for the first time in weeks. We wanted to get off to an early start as we had over 70 miles to cover and had a deadline of 6pm to get to the campsite for this evening.

As yesterday finished with a hill it meant the first few miles of today were all downhill, the perfect way to get warmed up and get sore legs firing. We couldn’t have asked for better weather and we quickly made good progress. We dipped down into St Andrews and went along the front to see the cathedral before continuing with our route.

We cut up and over to the south coast of Fife on the quieter B road before turning west and along the Fife scenic coastal route. We were in an odd position today where we could see our end destination over the water for most of the trip…we just had to get there!

As we went along the A road towards the Forth Road Bridge there were several boy racer cars shooting past the other way. We assumed there was some sort of rally happening, but we were glad we were travelling away from them!

We were making such fantastic progress and by 11:30 we had covered nearly 40 miles. I had arranged to meet David, the owner of Laid Back Cycles in Edinburgh, at the Forth Bridge at 1:30pm – however we were ahead of schedule so pulled in for a drink at a local pub, it is the bank holiday weekend after all.

We rolled down to the hill to the bridge crossing and set off over the water. It was an amazing cycle across and the sunshine really picked out the old railway bridge to the east, and the new suspension bridge to the west.

We met up with David and his daughter’s boyfriend, Scott, in the middle of the bridge. David was so exited to see me as he has been following my progress since day one! Danny was also glad to see David as he had left his work phone at the hostel on Friday night and David had kindly gone down to pick it up.

We now only had around 15 miles left to go so we handed the reins over to David to lead us along the bike paths which crisscrossed the main roads and lead to the waterfront.

When we neared Leith we spied a nice looking pub and agreed it was a good time to stop for lunch/early dinner. We continued chatting about bikes, trikes and recumbents over the meal and a few drinks. Shortly after we’d finished we waved goodbye to David and Scott who looked back whilst we continued east towards our campsite for the evening. Thanks to David and Scott for a great afternoon.

We got to the campsite around 6pm and set up our tent before having a well deserved shower. The sun was still breathing down and it must have been over 20 degrees even at this time.

Today has been great but I’ve had a constant and very painful toothache all day long. This is the same thing I was suffering from a couple of weeks ago, but this time it is really bad. The dentist I saw on the north coast advised I needed surgery to remove the tooth, but that it wasn’t an emergency just yet. For me surgery has to be undertaken in a hospital operating theatre because of my medical conditions, and I have to be closely monitored as an infection could be very dangerous as I can’t take antibiotics. I really hope it doesn’t stop me from completing the challenge, especially as the end is within touching distance now, but I might be forced to take a hiatus while I get my tooth sorted. I have to put my own health first, but I would be gutted if I have to stop. I’ll keep you all updated on how I’m feeling, thank you all for your support to date.

4 Replies to “DAY 72 – St Andrews to Edinburgh (Musselburgh)”

  1. Hope the tooth does not persist and cause you to take a break but your health must come first
    Glad you had a great day in the suns shine and have only the lowlands to travel before crossing the border to be on the home stretch

  2. Natalie. When you watch a film and you need a cup of tea you press pause. Tea made press play. Reading this blog 24 hrs later look after your health first.
    Press pause look after your self.

  3. Just updating the forum in Edinburgh to let them know what an amazing effort you have put in. Hoping you can get back on move again and not feeling too low – good that you got to hospital in Newcastle. if there’s an update somewhere I may have missed it as been away in Ireland much of this week. Best wishes

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