Day 7 – Another snow day in Lulworth

Friday 2nd March

I woke up early, the snow was deeper and the bare parts of the road caused by the to the snow drifts were thick sheet ice. There was no decision to be made – cycling wasn’t possible today.

I couldn’t haven’t been stranded with better hosts! I have been staying with the Williams family in Lulworth. They have a lovely house in a beautiful location and couldn’t been more accommodating! Mel and Matt have done a lot of cycle touring themselves and their adorable son Stanley has kept me on my toes! I have learnt that entertaining a 2 year old is more exhausting than cycling everyday!

Mel wanted Stanley to experience sledging, Matt could have happily spent all day making a wooden sledge but with risk of the snow disappearing, I entertained Stanley whilst they wrapped a cardboard box in a plastic bag! It was so icy outside we decided to remain in the vicinity of the house and they (mainly Matt) used the sledge down the driveway.

After a rest and some lunch we walked to the pub via looking at the view over the cliffs. I am a little bit like Bambi when I walk on ice but with a walking stick and by grabbing onto anything in sight I managed to get to the pub. After a couple of drinks (one of which was knocked over by Stanley and went all over my favourite Switzerland woolly hat!) walking back was fun! I wish I had the moment that we all fell over, pushchair and all, on camera – miraculously Stanley stayed asleep for the whole incident!

A lovely dinner and some more wine, gin and beer later I have finally gone to bed, not sure how I am going to feel in the morning!

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