Day 6 – Snow, -6 degree temperatures and ice have stopped this Zebra for today

Thursday 1st March

(Lulworth Cove in the snow)

It is with a heavy heart and it has been tough decision this morning, there is only a couple of inches of snow outside at the moment, but the forecast for the rest of the day looks to be getting much worse with the current temperature outside minus 6 degrees. I am currently in Lulworth with a steep hill out one side and rolling hills the other, there is now way I would get up these on the ice! Unfortunately I have very slick tyres on my bike and even letting the air out wouldn’t help! Today I wish I had a ICE full fat trike! I am feeling strong and have been coping with the temperatures very well but I am not doing this to put my life in danger. Therefore I am not cycling today!(This would be a more appropriate trike for today! The ICE Full Fat)

I am very luckily to be being hosted by a very kind family in Lulworth, school and nursery have been snowed off so instead of cycling I am going to make a snowman! I think I need to find some better shoes than my cycling shoes or sandals to do this in!

So look out for some snow photos later.

If you are kindly hosting me over the next few days, I will send you a message later.

Stay safe out there!

10 Replies to “Day 6 – Snow, -6 degree temperatures and ice have stopped this Zebra for today”

    1. I’ve just returned from a ride on my trike (Tryker tyres) as in Essex we now have slush rather than solid ice and snow. Things are improving in the east, hope it reaches you soon.

  1. Sensible decision Nat, weather has been crazy! Have enjoyed reading about your progress so far, can’t believe you fitted in a marathon as well, truly astounding! I’m from Swanage originally, so interesting to see you cycled through sandbanks/studland and over the chain ferry! See you in Cardiff. Let me know if you need any support when you get here.

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