Day 5 – New Forest – Lulworth

I had to get up early and have breakfast to talk on BBC Radio Dorset, which went well. The next step was figuring out what to do with my pannier bags, luckily I offloaded this task to my father to call around local sail repair shops in the hope they would have the materials and the skills needed.

I started cycling to a friends house (Megan) in Christchurch which was en-route as she was going to join me for a few miles. I was sent the details of a shop to visit in Poole which was a slight detour, but the priority for my day.

We had great fun cycling along the promenade all the way to Sandbanks, it was flat and the wind was behind us, although the majority of the sand the wind was blowing landed on top of me! I spent the morning learning to skid on the piles of sand, not sure my trike is too happy with me!

We got to Poole and the guy in the Sail Repair shop took one look at my bags and realised that we needed to stop them from sliding forward on the seat! He came up with a hook system with a clasp that would attach them to the back of my pannier rack. He also put large patches of a PVC type fabric on the bottoms to reinforce them and cover the holes. I didn’t catch his name but he has been my absolute hero today and I hopefully won’t have to worry about my bags for the rest of my trip! So if you ever need any sails or upholstery fixing you must visit Southern Sails & Covers in Poole!

Whilst my bags were being fixed I had the opportunity to meet another Zebra (fellow EDS suffer) Rebecca. It was great to meet her and her father and made me remember the reasons I am doing my trip. I hope Rebecca keeps in touch!

I cycled back to Sandbanks with my new bags and got the chain ferry across to Studland. I had hit the hills! My route went over a firing range which of course was closed today so I had quite a large hilly detour. At least I know that I can climb a 15 percent fully loaded albeit pretty slowly.

I finally reached Lulworth and the house of the family hosting me for the night to be greeted by a bowl of delicious pasta and a glass of wine!

A little bit worried about the weather forecast tomorrow but we will see what the day brings!

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