DAY 49 – Mallaig to Broadford

Friday 13th April

I’m not at all superstitious but this Friday the 13th hasn’t gone exactly to plan. After a restless night’s sleep whilst our tent was battered with wind and rain we awoke to a dry but cold morning. The campsite near Mallaig was in a stunning setting close to the beach and having the morning sun rise and hit our tent was a great way to start the day.

We had a short 5 mile ride up the coastline to Mallaig where we had breakfast at a local cafe and waited to board the 9:40 ferry to Armadale on the Isle of Skye (we had only just missed the earlier crossing).

Unfortunately this is where my day turned south. As I rode on to the ferry I felt dizzy and couldn’t see straight, it was horrible. I had all the symptoms of a huge migraine but without the actual headache (this was to come later). I tried my best to ignore it but the engine vibrations just accelerated my feelings and by the time we got off in Armadale I was ready to give up on the day.

Through sheer determination I pushed myself to cycle and by 22 miles we reached Broadford. I thought by stopping to eat and drink I could alleviate my migraine, however this wasn’t to be the case and I had no option but to call it a day. Danny phoned a local hostel who had space and I used the last of my energy to cycle the half mile there. As soon as we were shown our beds I was down and asleep.

It was fortunate that we stopped in Broadford as it meant I met Mark Carter from Carter’s Cabin. He was interested and amazed in what I was doing and shared with me his own challenge.

Mark is taking on a challenge of his own, he is new to cycling and is going to ride the Scottish Coast to Coast, 262 very hilly miles in only three days. I know I am taking on a great challenge but I’m not doing the distances and the amount of climbing that he will be enduring!

He is raising money for Lupus UK, which his daughter suffers with and he stated that it ‘kills more people than cancer, but very little are aware.’

If you are on Skye please visit him to enjoy their fantastic food and have a good chat. If you would like to find out more about what he is doing and sponsor him please visit:

Whilst I rested at the hostel Danny took the opportunity to ditch his heavy luggage and cycle solo down to Elgol and back (about 30 miles total). He said because it was a road to nowhere there were very few cars and he didn’t see another cyclist – here are a couple of photos he took on the way.

A couple of hours later he returned and I was feeling much better, still not 100% but definitely better than when he had left! We spent some time re-planning our remaining time on Skye, including whether or not to visit the Fairy Pools on the south of the island. I was previously excited to go there but have been told by a number of people that they have been made too commercial and actually ruined by tourists. If anyone has any experience of this please let me know in the Facebook post comments as we are still undecided!

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  1. Glad to see you seem to have recovered from the migraine well done for cycling through it for 20 plus miles
    Onward and upward tomorrow

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