Day 43 – Mull of Galloway to (near) Maybole

Saturday 7th April

If yesterday was my ‘go-slow’ day then today I had my go faster stripes on! This speedy Zebra was up, ready and packed by 6:30am and I had breakfast (3 poached eggs on toast) and was on my trike by 7am. I covered myself in lights as I couldn’t see the end of the road let alone the lighthouse on the peninsular that I was watching last night.

I cycled the most direct route as I wanted to stick to the wider main roads because of the visibility and within no time I had cycled the full length of the peninsular and was near Stranraer. Of course there was a reason for my speediness, the quicker I could cycle the sooner I would be with Danny!

I cycled past the ferry terminals and stayed on the A road that follows the coastline, at one point this headed slightly inland around a river and up quite a significant hill, luckily there was a crawler lane so the small amount of traffic passed easily.

By 11:30am I had already cycled 40 miles and was absolutely chuffed with myself. I reached Ballantrae where again I joined the coast.

I was fascinated for quite a while with a small island in the distance that looked like a conical shaped rock in the sea. This is Ailsa Craig which I now know to be an uninhabited island formed from the volcanic plug on an extinct volcano. Blue hone granite has long been quarried from here to make curling stones, quite appropriate as I was watching locals from Scotland’s curling team at the Commonwealth Games last night on TV.

I continued to press on, adamant that Danny wouldn’t beat me to our end point for the day and in fact I was definitely ahead!

We met at the bottom of a hill to go to the nearest pub and place for food to where we are staying. I now have a companion for two weeks, the best husband one could have, I really wouldn’t be as strong or doing this without him and his constant help and support. He is proud of me and I am equally of him!

We are staying in a cottage near Castle Culzean, it seems Robert Burns’ grandma lived here and his mum was born here, so a bit of significant history! We have also been told that some of team Sky have slept in our bed – I hope some of their ability rubs off!

Tomorrow we head towards Greenock where we will get the ferry across to Dunoon. I plan to repack Danny’s bags and take everything light and bulky and replace it with all the heavy bags that I am carrying!

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