Day 41 – Dumfries to Kirkcowan

Thursday 5th April

I struggled to get up and gave myself an extra hour in bed. I was still exhausted from the day before. I finally managed to move and pack everything up. All the water from the previous day had turned to ice and the bags and zips ok my trike were frozen stiff, I warmed them up and packed everything. I knew that I would have to be careful of ice and avoid any possible slippery spot on the road.

I found my way out of Dumfries and back onto my route. It wasn’t long until I passed the turn off for where I was meant to be staying. The scenery was beautiful, as I cycled up, down and around the snow capped hills I appreciated every view. The sun was bringing out all of the colours again. The bright green grass, bright blue sky and the turquoise sea, the sun had brought everything back to life and today I could see it! I passed New Abbey where I took a couple of photos and then continued round the coast road.

I marvelled at the view back over to the Lake District, where the mountains were white snow covered silhouettes in the blue sky. I knew I had quite a lot of hilly mileage so I didn’t want to keep stopping to take photographs, I would have to capture the views in my memory instead. I stopped at a shop and bought some supplies for the day that I could eat whilst cycling along. This part of the coastline is rarely talked about and I can’t understand why when all I have seen is beauty.

There aren’t as many holiday homes and caravan parks on this part of the coast and it feels unspoilt, let’s keep it a secret and come back here for future holidays!


The miles were gently ticking away and I was enjoying being warm! So much so that I kept my jacket on when I probably should have taken it off. Every road was scenic, with either a view out to the coast, tree lined, passing by farms or through little villages.

I passed a couple of other touring cyclists – the first I have come across on my whole trip, were they also enduring the weather? It turned out that hadn’t cycled the day before but were on their way to the ferry at Stranraer to go across to and cycle round Ireland. They had come across from Germany and planned to cycle for 8 months which would take them back through England and into Europe.

I continued my planned route and missed a turning, I went back to find that it was a mud track. This wasn’t in my plan for the day! I continued onto the main A road and had to make a choice to stay on it or go back inland. It was well surfaced and didn’t seem too busy and would be a quick way to do the 16 miles to Newton Stewart.

I made my first stop of the day at the 60 mile point for a very expensive piece of cake and then continued on. I reached Newton Stewart and was very proud of the mileage I had achieved. One of my followers recommended visiting the local Gin Distillery – so I thought it would be rude not to. I had a quick sample and called my hosts for the evening.

Sherry and Andy were 6 miles away in Kirkcowan. I arrived and unpacked and had a shower. When I went downstairs Sherry highlighted to me that the tyre that looked inflated when I left my trike was now flat. I assumed that it was the repair job and searched for the one remaining intact inner tube I was carrying.

We had a delicious dinner of chicken pie – not something I get to eat often with my allergies, but Sherry had made this to cater for me! I was their second Warm Showers visitor in a row as they had had a lady staying the previous night, I wonder if our paths will cross.

Tomorrow I will cycle to the Mull of Galloway lighthouse, the most Southerly tip of Scotland.

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  1. Such beautiful photographs, such beautiful scenes and you are ‘eating’ up the miles through. Your blog always takes us with you. Thank you for your candour and honesty. Thanks Natalie. You are doing so well.

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