Day 37 – Pilling to Penny Bridge

Sunday 1st April

I had arranged to meet Andrew, another ICE trike rider, next to a pub close to where I was staying. He was there to greet me with his wife Samantha who was driving their van for the day and their two dogs. I’d had a slow puncture the night before so when I turned up I decided to change my inner tube, its either been caused by another puncture or a bad repair of the previous hole in that tube.

The first part of our route was on an A road, but this couldn’t have been further from what it felt like, we wound our way down the country lanes all the way to Lancaster. In Lancaster we found the bike path that guides you traffic free around the city and over the River Lune.

At one point on the path there was a crossing over the railway line. We were unable to navigate this on our trikes so had to get off to wheel them through. The gate was held open one side by a roller skier and the other by an ultra long distance runner. We all stopped for a chat and laughed at this interesting bunch of people meeting together on the bike path!

We continued onto Morecambe, had a photo next to a statue of Eric Morecambe, and then continued on the Bay Cycle route and the country lanes towards Arnside.

There were a couple of short climbs but the road surfaces were good and it made for a great ride. The lanes were reasonably busy with traffic, being Easter Sunday and nice weather everyone had headed outside. At one point the cycle route went over a narrow bridge, despite our trikes being the same size I fitted through easily. Andrew has quick releases on his front wheels which made navigating this a lot harder, to my amusement! Andrew was providing great company, he is quite eccentric, but easy to chat to and have a joke with.

We met Samantha and the dogs for a pub lunch. We could see across Morecambe Bay to where we were headed next, but to our frustration the bridge that you we could see crossing the river was only for trains and we had to go an extra 16 miles around to reach the other side! Progress was good, we zigzagged the dual carriage way on what seemed to be the old road and it wasn’t too long before we were the other side of the river.

After having been spoilt on good road surfaces all day the B road towards Haverthwaite was atrocious! It felt like we were cycling on coarse sandpaper whilst on an obstacle course to avoid potholes, the forest either side was dead and it felt like a real chore. We were pleased after 4 miles to turn off this road onto a tarmac bike path.


Just as we were praising the amazing bike path it turned into gravel and then into rock, I could see on the map that it missed a large section of dual carriageway out and that it was worth persevering. We crossed the river on another cycle bridge and then cycled up the hill to Penny Bridge, where I bumped into the couple who are kindly hosting me for the night.

Great company, sunshine and views have made for a fantastic days cycling!

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  1. Magic days cycling on a special day .
    Hope you have many more of these as you head north towards Scotland

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