Day 35 – Rest Day – A restless rest day

Friday 30th March

I woke up to find that my hosts had booked themselves into see a doctor and that their flu like symptoms had gotten worse. I spent quite a while trying to find a local bnb or hotel but being Easter everything was fully booked or way out of budget. Apart from one pair of socks I didn’t have any clean clothes so I did my washing.

When my hosts returned they said the doctor told them they were highly contagious. I should never have been invited to their house in the first place, I did not want to put my challenge at risk in this way. Although I have a good immune system when I get sick I get very sick and I am unable to take antibiotics for secondary infections and usually end up in hospital. Once I found out that it was dangerous for me to be in the house I packed my bags within 10 minutes and had a taxi waiting to take me to the bike shop servicing my trike.

I was reunited with my trike and loaded all my luggage. At least I had clean clothes, albeit they were all soaking wet. I was having to cycle in a mix of what I had worn to bed with my down gilet over the top.

I found a local pub and asked if it was ok to sit in a corner for a few hours and figure out what do to. Luckily Warm Showers came to the rescue and I found a very understanding host called Margaret a few miles along the road in Southport. She was going to be out for the afternoon so I would leave the pub at 4pm to cycle to her house.

This gave me plenty of time to work with Danny remotely to find accommodation for the following week. I wanted nothing more to close my eyes and curl up in a ball. This was not the rest day I wanted. I had waited a couple of weeks for this and haven’t got another one planned for a couple more.

Half a mile away from Margaret’s house there were a couple of teenagers pointing and laughing at me. So I shouted ‘how dare you laugh at someone who is disabled on a bike.’ Their parents then came out of a house on my side of the road and started shouting at me for shouting at their children. This resulted in me telling them that they were bad parents, the man was made so furious by this comment that he grabbed the pannier rack on my bike with great force and started shaking it up and down, back and forth. I was petrified. Luckily a passer by saw what had happened and they all ran back into the house. My body was shaking, struggling to respond to the shock of the situation and my neck and back hurt from the violent shaking of my trike that I was attached to. After a while the police arrived and I made a formal statement.

This all took about 4 hours, by which time I was starving hungry, thirsty and more tired. I turned up at Margaret’s in a police van. She had been keeping dinner warm and greeted me with a glass of wine! Human kindness had prevailed and Margaret had saved the day!

Thank you Margaret!

5 Replies to “Day 35 – Rest Day – A restless rest day”

  1. Oh Natalie
    What a terrible day. We hope you aren’t going to suffer too much today with the after effects. It was unfortunate you ran into that rabble. You will meet more kind people today.

    Hope your toes are better in your new shoes.
    Mel and Mick Xx

  2. Glad your day ended well, with warmth and kindness from Margaret. Luckily your memories of this trip will be dominated by the kind acts, generousity and support of many people and these few “bad” incidents will be few and far between. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  3. Oh my love what a awful situation. But unfortunately not uncommon with such vile people. I’m glad your safe and they have been reported to the police. What gives them the right to be so Horrible and rude!.
    I’m pleased Margaret could give you a safe harbour and restore your kindness in the human race xx

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