Day 32 – Valley (Anglesey) to Conwy

3 Trikes, 1 Recumbent Bike and 7 Bikes

Tuesday 27th March

It was spitting when I left this morning so I put my waterproof jacket on, but knew the forecast was to clear up. 10 minutes down the road and the rain was pelting it down, it was quite possibly one of the heaviest rain showers I have ever cycled through. The raindrops were hitting my skin so hard that it was painful, either I was splashing myself from the puddles or the passing cars were doing it for me. I was really hoping for a cafe. After an hour and a half I found one, I walked in and asked if I could change my clothes before I ordered. I looked in the mirror in the toilet and my face and recently washed hair were covered in mud!


By the time I left the cafe the sun was shining as the forecast promised. I met up with Rohini and Darren at Moelfre and they cycled the remainder of Anglesey with me, they have been on many cycle tours which we chatted about for most of the journey. We descended a 25% hill so it looks like I might have to wait another day to avoid any gradient signs!

We reached Bangor and to my surprise the couple of people I was supposed to be meeting up with was in fact nearer 10. This included Bob on his Trike and Mel on her ICE adventure with electric assist that to my surprise she has only had 4 weeks and cycled 200 miles on. Mel smiled the whole ride just like I do, the sense of freedom the trike gives her is not dissimilar from mine!

We descended upon a local cricket club cafe, which was quite busy inside so I ushered our chaos into one corner. Everyone was asking me questions and telling me stories, it was great. I said goodbye to Rohini and Darren and we all continued on our way, there was a cycle path from here all the way to Conwy. The cycle path was fantastic, spectated mostly from traffic, wide enough for a trike  and no inaccessible barriers! I was following the others which gave me time to take in the scenery when there was gaps in the bushes. The chaos became quite orderly when riding together and by the end of the day it definitely didn’t feel like my legs had cycled 60 miles!

Mel and her husband were supposed to have only come a little way with us but ended up coming all the way to Conwy, so we all had a quick drink before they cycled back.   I asked what the name for the group of Conwy guys is and they came up with all sorts but we settled on ‘Wednesday Wheelers’ and since it is Wednesday tomorrow most of them are joining me again!

It was a really fantastic day!

Toe update – it’s very sore, I’ve padded it out with a donut shape so the bone doesn’t hit my shoe. It has become obvious that it dislocates every time I put my shoe on. I will receive my summer shoes on Wednesday night thanks to my mum sending them to me, so I’ve only got another day of coping with what I have got.

2 Replies to “Day 32 – Valley (Anglesey) to Conwy”

  1. I full of respect & admiration for you Natalie. Good luck with your enormous journey. Your journey will inspire others I’m sure. How you battle on against cold wind & rain with a dislocated toe I will never know. It was a privilege to meet you.

  2. Gron Edwards just contacted me to say you were heading towards our part of the island. Well done on your ride so far. Lot further than I’ve ever attempted! I’ll post up link on the Laid Back Facebook site.

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