Day 31 – Tudweiliog to Valley (Anglesea)

Monday 26th March

I again squeezed my sore foot into my cycling boot and started the day. It started pretty hilly but these eased off as I headed towards Caernarfon and Bangor. Gareth had told me the day before that there was a good bike shop in Bangor so I popped by to check the pressure in my tyres, lucky I did as they were all running a little low, it is very hard to get enough air in with a mini pump, but it had been quite a few days since I had been anywhere with an open bike shop. I found the old bridge across the Menai straight to Anglesea.

Looking back over the stretch of water you could see mountains in the background and a curious little island in the middle with a couple of houses on. It doesn’t look high enough above the water to be safe. I wonder if these are ever occupied?

I started to cycle clockwise around the coastline of Anglesea, the roads were busy at first but once I turned left at Llanfairpwllgwyngyll (the village with the long name) there was barely any traffic.

I passed lots of signs for Red Squirrel woodland and wondered if I would see any. These roads are again perfect cycling territory and I was enjoying every minute, I only saw another couple of cyclists all day and pretty much had the roads to myself.

Every so often I would touch the coast and cycle through areas of sand dunes. My legs were sore but feeling strong, strong like they could cycle 100 miles but then there was my foot, my right toe and side of my foot was burning in such pain it brought tears to my eyes. I was going to have to cut off the corner and not cycle Holy Island but head towards my accommodation where there is also a pharmacy.

Because of the swelling I could barely move my foot when the pharmacist looked it it, I explained to him that it’s possible my little toe was dislocated underneath the swelling but he didn’t quite understand or believe me. He did however tell me I should go to the hospital for an X-ray, we managed to agree that this wasn’t necessary and that I just needed something to keep the pressure sores away from touching my shoe, so I bought a few makeshift solutions including some bunion plasters that I will try tomorrow.

After a dinner of fish and chips, I met and chatted to my host and spoke to Danny on the phone, he is going to post me my summer shoes which are wider and have more space, I think cold and wet feet might have to be a compromise. So I’ll have to cope for another couple of days with what I have got and will then try them.

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    1. Hi Jackie. I’m staying on the Wirral tonight and in Formby tomorrow night – send me a text if you’d like to meet up and I will do my best to see you! (07545813244)

  1. Natalie, I’m sorry to hear about the problems you are having with your toe. When your summer shoes arrive how about putting your feet inside bread bags over your socks , may help with the wet if not the cold. Best wishes Jane

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