Day 28 – Newport (Pembrokeshire) to Llanrhystud

Friday 24th March

All ready in our cycling attire, Peter, Julie and I ate breakfast looking out at their view. A friend of theirs Gill and her son Gareth were also going to join us for a few miles. Most mornings seem to start with a hill and this one was no different, although it was a long gentle one compared to those that came later anyway! We stuck to the road closest to the coast but this is set back from the sea so my view was mainly of the banks either side. Every day the first 5 miles is just as difficult as the last, my legs question why I am putting them through it all over again and take a while to loosen and warm up, but once they have they remember what they have to do.

Steep climbs again seemed the order of the day and we dipped down into the villages to climb out steeply the other side. We all chatted and they tried to climb at my pace up the hills but I didn’t wait for them on the down!

I took a racing line round one corner, ended up in a puddle and with a flat tyre. I found the culprit – a thorn! The third puncture of the trip. I changed the inner tube and Gareth pumped up the tyre to what seems like the right pressure.

We all stopped at a cafe in St Dogmaels and after a hot chocolate and cheese scone I said goodbye to take on the rest of the day. I was sad to say goodbye to my new friends and hope we do manage to come and visit them!

I continued climbing up and down the hills to the villages. On one long steep hill I stopped for a break and chatted to a couple gardening, it turns out to be a massive coincidence that they were from the same hometown as me!

The rest of the journey continued on an A road, this was very scenic and the vehicles were pretty fast, I thought this road would be flatter but I was wrong! My legs now very tired and weary I needed to stop for a break and Aberaeron seemed like the perfect place. I cycled right down to the front and stood on the sea wall. The tide was in and there was very little beach, I don’t know if it’s because it’s a Friday afternoon but there are a lot of people about walking along the promenade and along next to the shops. I then stopped in a pub to have a drink and warm up. I stayed a little too long as usual and it started raining! I had a very wet and soggy 7 miles ahead. The rain was painfully hitting my face at one point on a downhill section.

This evening I am staying with a family in Llanrhystud that have a flour mill attached to their house! Anne used to go to school at age 11 with my mother-in-law and they have remained friends ever since! It has been a pleasure to be welcomed into their home, we had spaghetti bolognese for dinner followed by apple crumble. It was delicious. We chatted for a little in front of the fire in the living room before I went to bed.

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  1. Another interesting blog sounds like you are meeting some nice people and getting much needed company along the way
    Hopefully this will be the norm

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