Day 23 – Snows stops riding for the second time on my trip

KSunday 18th March

It was a tough decision to make when Danny and I woke up to quite a few inches of snow. It’s not the snow itself we were worried about but ice and the worsening forecast. When I looked on the local police twitter feed and saw that a 4×4 had come off one of the roads on the way to Swansea the decision was made, I didn’t want to risk it. It’s such a shame as being a Sunday I was supposed to have people riding with me that would be unable to during the week!

Luckily we were being hosted by a lovely lady, Jane whom I found on Warm Showers, who allowed us to stay and extra night. Jane even let us borrow a laptop to help with planning. Danny and I spent the day finding accommodation for my next few weeks and looking at the route files. So although I wasn’t happy losing another day and not being able to cycle this was extremely helpful as it is hard to organise in the evenings when I am tired.

When we attempted to walk to the pub for dinner in the evening on the roads that had turned into ice rinks we knew we had made the right decision.

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  1. Good decision and sounds like a productive day if not in mileage you will benefit in the next few weeks
    An inspiration to read your updates and profess makes me reassess my approach to achieving my goals

  2. Hi Natalie. Just to say, it was a pleasure to ride with you from Llanelli to Carmarthen. Safe journey.

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