Day 2 – 13.1 mile run followed by my first 20 mile cycle along the coast

Sunday 25th February

Phew that is over. My anxiety towards doing the Brighton Half for the last few weeks has been overshadowing the rest of my trip. So why was I doing it you may ask?

I was doing very well with my running training last year and signed up before I had decided on my big adventurous challenge. I had to start this weekend in order to get back in time to take my Grandma on a cruise in June and it coincided with the half marathon I had signed up to on the coast, so I can’t drop out now right…!

My running training came to a stop when I started having problems with my stomach in January and I hadn’t been able to run since!

I am stubborn and wanted to at least complete it, even if I had to walk the entire 13.1 miles! My sisters boyfriend James stood in for her due to injury. I couldn’t have had better company, this was apparent before we started when he offered to carry a rucksack with anything I might need inside!

We lined up at the start line. “Finish line not finish time!” We herd a lady day from behind say, this was exactly our aim for the day!

It started off pretty well but within the first mile the cramping pain in my stomach started and running uphill wasn’t helping. I knew from past experience that this would subside but usually took 5 or so miles to do so. Every time the pain got to an excruciating level we would power walk and stretch for a little. Mile 5 passed and the pain had gone, now it was time for my legs to ache from the continual pounding of the concrete road.

James was feeding me jelly babies from his bag and making sure that we both had enough to drink as well as keeping an eye on our pace, and being extremely positive and encouraging!

We were doing very well, we were way ahead of the 3 hour pace we had set ourselves (the cut of sweeper was at 3 1/2 hours and we wanted to finish before this.) We we’re continually jogging at a slow pace and spent between mile 5 and 8 on the lookout for a toilet!

Then came mile 10, there were finally only 3 miles left! These last few miles were tough my legs were now very sore, my feet felt bruised despite my highly cushioned trainers, I hurt in places that I am not used to from cycling!

We did it! We finished in a time of 2h42! I couldn’t be prouder of myself. Normally when I say this I am not sincere but I really couldn’t have completed it without James by my side! Thanks James!

We had a quick bite to eat, changed into cycling gear and Danny and I cycled 20 miles along the coast to Littlehampton. The weather and scenery was beautiful, just apt for the last bit of cycling with Danny for a few weeks. We came across Thomas Heatherwick’s beach cafe and then headed to a restaurant to meet my parents.

After dinner I said goodbye to my parents and Danny and found my Youth Hostel and was very pleased that it was quite and that I would be the only resident in my ensuite room!

I was asleep by 7pm!

See you in a few weeks Danny!

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  1. That was an amazing time! Even more so if you had to walk some of it and running in excruciating pain for over a third of the way. Then you got on a bike, awesome!

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