Day 16 – Treyarnon to Bude

Sunday 11th March

I woke up and was ready to leave by sunrise, the first hour of the day was beautiful. I didn’t have to been in Wadebridge until 9, so I had time to stop for lots of photos on the way.

It Sunday – club cycling day and today I spent my morning with Wadebridge Coasters. Matt the ride leader had constructed a route so they could cycle with me in the direction I needed to go before looping back. It was great cycling and chatting to everyone, I lost count but I think there were 18 of us! The morning was mostly uphill and even though Matt was kindly carrying as much luggage as I could give him, it was tough going. Rather embarrassingly on one of the ascents I completely lost traction on my back wheel, if I had been on my own I might have been able to zig-zag up but instead I had come to a complete stop and couldn’t get going again. It was only 10 meters to walk but it’s the first time I have ever had to walk up a hill and happened to be in front of a whole cycling club!

They were a fantastic club to spend time with, they have an inclusive and patient attitude and just like to ride. Because of their location their rides are always hilly!

I was taken to the aptly named called Hilltop cafe, where I was given back my luggage and had a cup of tea and a rest. I said goodbye to the club after a couple of photos and said thank you. I hope they realise how much this morning meant to me, to be able to cycle with so many gave me a massive lift, the miles were just disappearing. My legs are now very heavy and sore and I am in desperate need of my rest day after two more days of cycling.

Vicky from the Widger Spoke Easies club (a local female cycling club) was waiting in the cafe to join me for the afternoon. The majority of the club are in Mallorca – jealous as I’m sure they have better weather than us! We decided to miss out a couple of very steep gritty climbs that we weren’t sure I would get up and stuck to the main road. This was great as we made headway very quickly, again having Vicky to talk to meant the miles just ticked away. Vicky’s sister in law has EDS and lives in the area my local support group meetings cover. So much of our conversation was about this, it’s amazing how understating Vicky is and how much she knows about the condition, being a nutritionist she also understood the problems I have.

Five miles from the end we met up with Sue, another recumbent trike, who cycled with us into Bude. It was fantastic to have two recumbents on the road, like me Sue is unable to cycle a bicycle and recumbent cycling has improved and changed her life. As we got closer to Bude we were joined by another ‘Widger’ Nicky and her husband Jim.

We headed back onto the coast road for the last few miles when it started to rain, but this didn’t matter as I was on such a high. We stopped in Bude for a bite to eat. I had planned to do another 14 miles North but after stoping my legs didn’t have it in them! I found a youth hostel and was debating what to do when I received a text from Alex 6 miles inland from my location, I explained that I couldn’t manage this detour! Within minutes he had found me a friend to stay with 100 meters from where I was currently sat. This was with Matt. I was so happy! And Matt had a bath! Sitting in this was needed after over a week cycling with no rest.

Matt took me with him to his parents for Mother’s Day dinner. Ange and Jim were fantastic they were very interested in what I was doing and provided me with a delicious hot meal and pudding! When we got back I did a bit of hand washing, chatted for a bit and went to bed. Thanks Matt!

The forecast for tomorrow looks grim, but I will get up, get dressed and cycle again!

8 Replies to “Day 16 – Treyarnon to Bude”

  1. Glad you had an enjoyable day must have helped the miles slip by
    Keep it up and you will be in Wales before you know it

  2. It was lovely to cycle with you yesterday, you’re an inspiring lady, the uplift was mutual. I now know about and have a better appreciation of EDS, thank you. Good luck 😉

  3. Sounds like you all had a fantastic, sociable day! I’m so glad Vicky could keep you company! Liz xx

  4. Hi Natalie.
    Please let us know your timings and route as you come through Exmoor…plenty of local riders would be delighted to help encourage you up those steep climbs! And if you need somewhere to stay…we have 28 empty beds going free!

    All the best,

  5. Hi Natalie, With my wife and daughter we met you in the Scout building car park in Evendons Lane.
    You’ve done so well in the circumstances.
    Can you get some regular massage for your tired legs or even an ice bath at rugby club if it will not harm you.
    Good luck – John

  6. I am glad you got to meet some of us Widgers 😜 Wishing you a safe journey the rest of the way. A huge well done so far xx

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