Day 15 – Portreath (Illogan) to Treyarnon

Saturday 10th March

The weather forecast had 95 percent chance of heavy rain all day. Waterproofs were the order of the day! I had arranged to meet Andy, a new friend who has cycled across Australia from Perth to Adelaide on a trike very similar to mine all in aid of the British Legion for Poppy Day, his trike is in storage due to moving house so today he would be on a bike. Andy met me on the road towards St Agnes and took me back to his house for breakfast and then continued my days cycle with me until Newquay. By the time we got to his house I was absolutely soaked through, it was apparent that my waterproofs were no longer waterproof, the trusty Jack Wolfskin jacket I had relied on for years was doing nothing to keep the water from seeping through. Ginnie, Andy’s wife, put on a fantastic spread for breakfast, I had cereal and yoghurt followed by eggs and tomatoes, followed by croissants. Just what I needed!

Andy found me a similar waterproof to his which was reduced to £35 in a shop in Truro, so he drove me to purchase it, which didn’t take too long and then we returned to his house to continue our cycle ride. I was now sporting a bright pink waterproof jacket – not my most favourite colour but it seems waterproof and is very visible on the road and is very comfortable – just what I needed. Typically as soon as I put my new waterproof on it stopped raining and the sun started coming out.

New style flag direct from ICE HQ!

Andy took me on a trusted route of back lanes, I was a little bit worried that we were straying too far from the coast, but looking at a map we were still very close. Unfortunately a couple of parts of these lanes were flooded, already looking like a pink Dalmatian from mud splatters from the road it didn’t harm to have a few more. Andy took the lead to see how deep they were and I followed, managing somehow to keep my bottom dry!

We reached Newquay, where Andy would turn back, and had a cup of tea. It was great fun cycling with Andy, hearing about his adventures, how he coped with adversity (unusually bad weather in Australia) and gaining advice. His advice of the day ‘go slowly for longer’. I’ve got the going slowly part down just need to work on the longer at the moment!

Andy told me to take and inland path with less hills than the coast but not having seen the sea all day I told him my legs had a few hills left in them – I could see why he gave this advice but there were some fantastic descents which were so fun I didn’t take many photos of this beautiful part of the coastline.

As I was cycling up the last hill of the day towards the hostel another cyclist came up behind me, it turned he cycles for Wadebridge Coasters, who I am meeting tomorrow morning to join in on part of their Sunday ride. I am a little apprehensive at how much I will slow them down but it will be nice to be in a group of cyclists again. Bob is 76 but described himself as a recent member of the cycling club and new to cycling, which I had a little laugh at. Bob took me to the front door of the hostel and I waved him off as he continued his afternoon ride.

I checked into the hostel and spent my evening chatting to another Andy who is also a cyclists but is currently walking the coastal path. He has also been going for two weeks through the same weather so we swapped stories. We both went outside to watch the beautiful sunset, the first I have seen on my trip. You could literally see the sun going down and getting darker by the second, it wasn’t until it has nearly disappeared into the sky that I wish I had taken a time lapse.

Sunday tomorrow and it looks like there will be lots of cyclists joining this Zebra!

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  1. The weather was better than expected combined with good company must have made for an enjoyable day

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