Day 14 – Lands Ends to Portreath

Friday 9th March

I started early to cycle as far as possible before the heavy rain. It was already spitting when I left and everything was covered in mist, I hugged the coastline as much as possible today but could barely see the sea!

Believe it or not this photo looks out towards the sea!

The roads were a cyclists dream, smooth and quiet. The coastline here is rugged and the moorland pretty bleak and windblown. This is exactly how I expected this part of the coastline to look and feel – exactly how it is portrayed in Poldark! I struggled with crosswinds for the first part but this changed to a tailwind as I turned the corner. On this quiet stretch of road very few cars passed, sometimes with gaps of over half an hour. I cycled through St Just with its granite cottages that look like they have stood forever and then onto St Ives. St Ives was very busy especially compared to the desolate landscape I had spent the morning cycling through.

I went straight to the Post Office (once I had figured out the one-way roads!) as I had decided whilst lugging all of my luggage up the steep hills that there is no point having my camping equipment with me at the moment, so I have sent it back home for now until I need it. Luckily the post office was quiet as I had to unpack all of my bags and pick out the bits to send back. The final weight I sent home was just under 5kg, quite a significant load!

Whilst cycling round (probably the wrong way on a one way system) to find the post office I passed a cafe (The Cornish Deli) and went back to find it. By this point I was absolutely soaked through, so changed my clothes and sat down to a bacon and brie omelette – the best I have ever had! In an attempt to prolong sitting in the warmth I also had a chocolate brownie. When I left and went to pay I found out that a very kind lady had paid for my tea and cake, I think her name was Jane and I know she isn’t online but hopefully the cafe will say a big Thank You from me next time she is in 🙂

I then braved the weather and cycled towards Portreath, other than the climb out of St Ives and one other on the way it was a lot flatter than before lunch. I wasn’t staying in Portreath but the view from the top enticed me down the hill to the bottom. I needed the internet to find the address of where I was staying so stopped in The Hub cafe. Where I had another cake and sat if front of their fire. They were extremely friendly and I was very happy being warm and finally dry so I stayed for a long time – Fergus kindly drove me back up the hill to the place I was staying!

I knew this trip was going to show and teach me a lot of things about myself, the coastline and about others, but I have been taken aback by the amount of human kindness that has been shown towards me! We are so used to living in our own bubble and are not used to being helped and talking to strangers everyday and on top of this everything we see on the news gives us a negative view of others! I have spoken to and been helped by more strangers (now friends) than I have in my whole life and to all of them even if it was just a quick chat I am truly grateful, not just for the help but for showing that human kindness does exists in a very big way. I am also very grateful for the messages, the shares of my posts and tweets I am receiving everyday, they are keeping me going, and please if you have any time please feel free to send my details and website to any media outlets, especially the local ones I will be encountering.

A perfect example is tonight – I was struggling for accommodation so put a message out to my followers when Karen replied and invited me to stay. Before I arrived Karen spent time learning what I can eat on a low Fodmap diet and cooked me a fantastic meal and has done some washing for me. Simply amazing – Thank You! 🙂

Tomorrow is going to be another day in the pouring rain! But I will have company for at least some of the journey, more about that tomorrow….

7 Replies to “Day 14 – Lands Ends to Portreath”

  1. Awful weather yesterday and not much better today! Shame you couldnt aapreciatecthe awesome views between St Just and St Ives, great riding in tough conditions Natalie! (Hope Ice bikes fixed that steering rod!!!)

  2. Your ride is inspiring me with my ICE riding.
    But I’ve had 2 punctures in 2 days, I hope you’re fairing better.
    Loving the photos.

  3. Good going, despite the hills and the wet weather! I’m surprised you’re managing without front mudguards! Don’t they throw up the spray and cause you to get wet (particularly when turning)? And wouldn’t it have been useful to have a luggage rack over the back wheel? I couldn’t manage without mine, in addition to my pair of Radical ICE sidepods! I’m happy for you that it’s going well!

  4. Hi Natalie,
    We, my wife and daughter, met you a few weeks back in the Scout Building Car Park, Wokingham with your husband.
    Amazing achievement so far!
    Can you get some physiotherapy for your tired legs, maybe even an ice-bath at a local rugby club?
    Sorry to interfere and good luck for the rest of the journey.

  5. Well done for the riding in the crazy weather you are being treated to, but even more kudos for writing your excellent blog. Keep pedalling you are making amazing progress!

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