Day 12 – St Mawes – ICE Trikes (Falmouth) – Cury (Lizard)

Wednesday 7th March

I woke up and had another bath with a sea view and then had breakfast in the hotel before setting off to get the first ferry to Falmouth. After the 15 minute crossing, I had to load all of my bags and cycle up the hill to ICE Trikes HQ. I had underestimated how long this would take me as two Cornish miles is very different to two Berkshire miles – so I was a little late. When I got there I was greeted by the whole team (a much larger team than I had expected).

They lifted my trike up onto a stand and started to check it over, there were quite a few (a lot) more problems than I had expected. It became obvious that I hadn’t been doing my KITE checks before riding, something I am completely aware of but have been too tired to do and my trike hadn’t been at all safe to ride – pretty embarrassed about this but I have learnt my lesson! At one point there were 6 team members gathered around tinkering with different parts. My trike is now in tip top condition and safe to ride! I now promise that I will check it regularly going through the KITE checklist!

The ICE team are amazing, so knowledgable – not only do they create what I believe are the most advanced trikes you can get whether that be for speed or adventure, but they are creating them for us, the customers – whom they really care about! THANK YOU ICE!

I met Debs at ICE another member of St Austell cycling club who would be cycling with me, but more importantly another Zebra – another suffered of EDS.

We set off quite late by the time ICE had fixed everything! It was spitting, but the sun later showed and appearance and the rain stayed off for the rest of the ride. We were chatting so much that I didn’t take in much of the ride! Dipping down into Gweek was one of the highlights, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – and it really was. The gentle climb out was tree lined with the sun creeping through to make patterns on the road.

We then reached Lizard Point – the most southerly point of Great Britain. Luckily we saw it at is best, the sun was shining and the sea was a much brighter blue than I’ve ever seen in England. We must be the only Zebras to have ever cycled together to reach this point! It felt special! Debs pointed out that I will be going to the most northern point on the mainland too – but that feels a long way off, one day at a time!

Ewen, an employee of ICE trikes, had seen my post asking for accommodation help and had kindly offered to host me in his family home. So I was not surprised when he popped up behind us on a trike and then cycled back with me to Cury, a small village, slightly further north. I said goodbye to Debs on the way back, so she could cut across to the start point at ICE where she has parked her car. I had made a great new friend today, and it was a little sad to say goodbye. She is going to try and cycle with me again on Saturday and I will definitely come back here in the future!

Ewen and Rachel treated me to a lovely meal of chilli, their daughter is also on the low Fodmap diet (a diet to cut out indigestible sugars in order to help Gastro problems). We chatted about trikes and ICE and Ewen looked over my route file to Lands End – the plan for tomorrow!

The weather forecast keeps changing so I have no idea what to expect! My legs are tired and everyone today was shocked at how heavy my bags are (about 15kg) – I am contemplating whether I should have bothered carrying any camping stuff at all as at the moment that is taking up half of the weight! But I will need it at some point and definitely in Scotland. Other long distance touring cyclists whose kit I have dissected have been carrying much more weight than me!

Tomorrow will feel lonely after the company I have enjoyed over the last couple of days, but I am looking forward to reaching Lands End!

8 Replies to “Day 12 – St Mawes – ICE Trikes (Falmouth) – Cury (Lizard)”

  1. It’s great to be able to follow your journey, Natalie. Sounds like you’re making some great friends along the way! You’re doing great! Liz xx

  2. Lovely photos Natalie, we have spent many happy holidays in that particular area, it is indeed beautiful. Hope your legs are feeling a little better . Take care x

  3. Hopefully the weather will be improving from now on and the clocks go forward an hour at the end of this month. When at Lands End consider visiting the End to End Museum as I found it very interesting, free entree to E2E riders and obviously don’t forget the famous sight post photo must be taken, ride safe.

  4. It was a special day indeed. Such an honour to dip my toe into your epic cycle and share a few Cornish miles. I leaned so much today about trikes, most especially how yours is a perfect match for you and your never ending ambition! It was a pleasure to share my home county of Cornwall with you for a few hours. I hope your other Cornish hosts look after you well….. until we meet again, new friend x

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