Day 1: A big Wokingham and WCC send off

Yesterday was the culmination of months of planning, organising and dreaming of cycling the coast line of the UK.

It was emotional to arrive at my start point in Wokingham to a huge crowd of friends, family and cyclist all there to cheer me off on my adventure. Until this point I don’t think it had sunk in what I was about to undertake, but having so many people there for me made the overwhelming feelings more manageable, and I was touched by the send off party that had come out early to see me off.

Through Wokingham CC we had organised three routes for the day to enable as many people to join me as possible. There was the full 68 mile route to Brighton, a 65 mile loop back to Wokingham, and a 40 mile loop. Crucially the first 18 miles were common to all routes and we were stopping at the same cafe to regroup. In all we had 30 riders out on one of the chilliest mornings for some time!

The local press made an appearance at the start line and will be doing a feature so please keep an eye out for that!

The route was tough but beautiful and I am so excited to get my journey underway. See you in 90 days Wokingham!

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