3 months worth of toiletries…

I don’t wear make-up very often or use many products, but I am away for just over 3 months so I need to be able wash, moisturise and deodorise so I can still mix with the general public and be accepted into peoples homes.

I have Mast Cell Activation Disorder which in its most basic sense can be described as: an immunological condition in which mast cells inappropriately and excessively release chemical mediators, resulting in a range of chronic symptoms, sometimes including anaphylaxis or near-anaphylaxis attacks. I can go into anaphylaxis if I walk into a shop selling perfumes or stand next to the wrong person on the train, eating food that has built up too much histamine and sometimes for no found reason at all.

At the moment this condition is very much in control otherwise I wouldn’t be contemplating this challenge but nonetheless everything has been carefully thought out, I have been frequently testing and using every single product I am taking with me – I will of course be carrying epipens just incase.

  1. Sterile Wipes – I always carry these with me, if I was to have to a small cut its important that it doesn’t get infected (this has just reminded me to pack some plasters!).  These wipes are also very good at removing chain grease.
  2. ASSOS Womens Chamois cream – Taboo topic?  I may not sit on a saddle, but I still sit on a seat doing repetitive movements and my shorts can cause friction on my skin when doing multiple days of cycling –  and this is for when I forget to apply it…
  3. Sudocrem – a miracle cream that in my opinion no one should go without.
  4. Lush Godiva Shampoo Bar – I have long very thick hair which I did contemplate cutting off, knowing I couldn’t actually go ahead with that I needed to find a product to wash and condition it that I am not allergic to and doesn’t cause eczema.  I have tested this product lots and it really does leave my hair feeling clean and soft, I don’t feel the need for needing conditioner afterwards. Lush claim that their shampoo bars last as long as 3 bottle of shampoo – thats 80 washes! I’m not sure my hair counts as the ‘average’ sample but we shall see. I have separately purchased a tin which is very light weight to store this in.
  5. Lush Full Of Grace Solid Moisturiser – The skin on my face gets very dry especially when cycling in the elements, leaving my usual moisturiser at home in its glass jar, this solid bar seems to do the job.
  6. Lush Movis Facial Soap – I would normally carry face wipes to use on cycling trips but 90 days worth would be a lot of wipes  and unnecessary waste. This face soap seems very gentle on my skin and I have experimented with using it as body soap and to wash my clothes with too! I have cut this up into smaller pieces for when I am given/sent my medication every month.
  7. Lush Aromaco Solid Deodrant –  From my experiments these solid deodorants containing mostly natural ingredients really do work and if it doesn’t I am sure everyone will be too polite to tell me.
  8. Kent pebble brush with lady bird – does exactly the same job as a tangle teaser but is lighter weight, this is one thing I definitely couldn’t go without!
  9. Cotton buds – I hate having water in my ears after washing my hair.
  10. Tooth brush –  Leaving my heavy electric toothbrush at home, I am taking this Oral B Pro Expert Pulsar.
  11. Ibuleve – I have EDS and my joints get sore and my skin and muscles bruise easily, although I am unable to take Ibuprofen tablets this gel works very well so I am going to carry a small amount with me.
  12. Victorinox Nail Clipper with nail file – long nails are pretty annoying when you are cycling, pitching tents and cooking etc.. I like to keep mine very short and at 12 grams for this very decent nail clipper you can’t go wrong.
  13. Burt’s Bees Lip Balm – To help protect and heal my lips from facing the elements.
  14. Lush Limelight Toothy Tabs – You chew them to make a toothpaste consistency and then brush, this is one product that I am not 100 percent convinced on but know that I can always pop to a shop and buy a normal tube of tooth paste.
  15. Betnovate Cream – I suffer with eczema but being outside seems to do my skin the world of good so I will decant some into a much smaller tube.
  16. Comb – To get the knots out of my hair that the brush doesn’t – I need something to do in my tent on lonely evenings… right…

And before you all ask I am not sponsored by Lush but after using this small handful of products for 3 months I will be able to give some pretty fair reviews – want to sponsor me Lush…?

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