One last service – thanks Steve :) – 11 days to go

I’ve spent a lot of time recently preparing myself for the challenge that lies ahead…but what about my trike? My three wheeled companion is eager and waiting to carry me on my 5000 mile journey so it was only right that I (and by ‘I’ I mean Steve at Cycle Services) gave it the proper once over.

Servicing a trike can be a little more complicated due to some of its non standard parts – in fact the third wheel is the least of the problems! Because I am a small female rider the trike has been specced and adapted to fit my size, and we are always trying to find new ways to optimise comfort and efficiency, two very important factors when doing so many miles. Recently I have installed the head rest from my old mesh seat onto my newer carbon shell seat, however due to the seats length and my body length this has been difficult to find the correct position – in fact this is still to be resolved and is tonights task.

Steve from Cycle Services is very experienced with bikes and has never been daunted by the prospect of servicing my trike or in fact our tandem (he does regular bikes also). Luckily this time it wasn’t too big of a job; the Di2 gears needed indexing, disc break pads needed changing, and the hydraulic break fluid needed replacing. Thankfully the (very) long chain wasn’t showing signs of wear so that didn’t need replacing, although I think I will have to set aside some time out for repairs and replacements once I have returned to Wokingham in three months time!

Thanks Steve – top job as always 🙂 – find him here

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