Day 8 – On the move again, slowly and not far. Lulworth – Dorchester

Saturday 3rd March

I had made a plan to cycle to Dorchester and get a train (with 1 change) that would catch me up with my route in Plymouth. I would then come back and cycle this part of the coastline at the end or in the summer.

It was now possible to cycle on the B road out of the village but any of the side roads were still too deep with snow/slush/ice for my trike. So once I managed to get on to the B road I would be able to climb the hill out of the village. I was dressed head to toe in waterproofs, but I did it! The pouring rain was turning to ice as I reached the top and it was pounding down my face. I have learnt today that a soaking wet buff is not easy to breath through!

The roads were just about manageable but I hit little piles of compacted snow and ice quite regularly. I made sure I kept my downhill speed to a snails pace! I reached Dorchester which appeared to have had quite a lot of snow and found the train station which I hoped would help me on my onward journey. I was wrong: the train station is an unmanned one, there were no people about and there quite obviously hadn’t been a train pass through by looking the snow on the tracks. I pressed the info button which told me there wasn’t a train in the next 90 minutes 🙁

I had earlier found a BnB online so I headed to that via the town centre. It was nearly impossible to cycle down the side roads and onto the high street. The high street was pretty busy, but hadn’t been cleared of snow or gritted! There was no way I could walk in it so I cycled at walking pace and had to have a couple of pushes to get me through the slush. I managed to get to Boots when I bought some ibuprofen spray for my feet (still bruised from the half marathon), some mountain sun and wind block for my very sore face, and a face mask as my plan for the afternoon was to sit in a bath and relax!

I managed to find the BnB from memory as my phone had died again (the cold weather is affecting battery life) – impressive as I only glanced at its location this morning before I set off. By the time I got there I was absolutely freezing, it was all the stop/starting in the last hour.

When I arrived the next door neighbour exclaimed “I saw you on the TV the other day!” This is something I have been getting quite a lot and is fantastic as hopefully I have raised good awareness for what I am doing and for the charity.

My room in the BnB was perfect, with massive bath with a round circular end. I spent the afternoon relaxing, eating dinner in the pub and making a plan for the next day.

Plan – Get up early, cycle as far as possible on the A35 (it won’t be pleasant but I will be able to cycle). James will meet me in the evening and take me to Plymouth where I will restart my journey on Tuesday morning when it has hopefully completely cleared. I will come back and do this bit of the coastline at the end when the coastal roads are passable.

8 Replies to “Day 8 – On the move again, slowly and not far. Lulworth – Dorchester”

  1. Well done Natalie. Wow! What a trial. It could not have been a worse set of conditions and your plan b sound brill. Sounds like better weather on the way! Thinking of you !

  2. You are incredible! Hope today is a bit easier for you and the snow is clearing. Stay safe xx big hugs

  3. Hi wow your doing fantastic what with the snow and all I hate to think how difficult it must be and dealing with the cold. Take care xx

  4. Wow! That’s heroic! Well done Natalie, you’re an absolute legend for doing this. I struggled to walk for 15 minutes in the snow yesterday!

  5. You are hard as nails 😬. So glad you will aiming to get back on your ETAs in Cornwall. I plan to ride with you later part of Tuesday or early part of Wednesday. Depending on where you are! Would you be able to confirm with me that you intend riding the posted Strava route ( Plymouth to Portloe) and your departure time from Plymouth? Looking forward to welcoming you in Cornwall. Deb

  6. Keep up the good work your putting most of us to shame.Take care your time and ride safely the finish line wil be waiting for you no matter what

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