Day 34 – Greasby (Wirral) to Formby – Back to Liverpool and a half rest day

Thursday 29th March

A bit of a later start this morning, I picked up my parcel from the post office with my summer shoes in and front mudguards. Glyn fitted the front mudgaurds whilst I got ready.  I have to be honest I don’t like the aesthetics of the front mudguards but after over a month of being covered by everything on the road, I have given in. It probably won’t rain as much now and if that’s the case I will happily don the front
mudguards everyday!

I put my feet into my summer shoes and put on overshoes, a thermal and waterproof layer that is usually a struggle to pull over but mine luckily have zips.

A couple of Glyn’s fellow En Velo riders (Allan and Heather) joined me to the Mersey Ferry and to my surprise they told me they would come the whole way to Formby which was great. We went to buy our ferry tickets to find only the tourist ferry was running, this meant a small cruise to give us more information about Liverpool and to play “Ferry ‘cross the Mersey” a few extra times. This gave us more time to drink hot chocolate and take photos.

Liverpool is where I spent 5 years of my life. It was during my second year of University that I first became very unwell and ended up having surgery on the back of my head in the Walton centre. I met most of my best friends in Liverpool and they helped me through the most difficult times. Danny and I also met in Liverpool. So as you can see it has and will always have an extremely special place in my heart. I didn’t let on but I was a little emotional on the ferry when thinking about the journey I had made to get to this point, perhaps the longest and most difficult way to get from our house in Wokingham to Liverpool!

We stopped for a couple of photos in front of the Liver building and Allan helped a gentleman figure out that his camcorder wasn’t working because it was too zoomed in! We cycled away giggling and headed towards Formby.

We cycled past the old brick Tobacco warehouses on Stanley dock which are situated at the end of the Leeds-Liverpool Canal. These are the biggest brick warehouses in the world. The smaller side has been turned into Hotel Titanic where Danny and I stayed for a night a couple of years ago. The large warehouse still lies derelict and vacant but it looked like there was some work being carried out, I believe it is being turned into apartments.

We chatted and cycled onto Formby where we stopped for lunch. This marked the end of my day’s cycling as I had planned it as an easy rest day. I have struggled previously with only having one rest day at a time as it didn’t give me long enough to recover, plan and do all of my washing!

Allan and Heather returned back to the Wirral and I cycled to the local cycle shop where I had booked my bike in to be checked over and for the disc break pads and callipers to be checked and cleaned as they have been very well used on the steep descents!

Tonight I am staying at my sister-in-laws husbands parents house in Formby. Before dinner I had a fantastic leg massage, the tissue around my knees is a little bit inflamed but this is to be expected after they have had quite a lot of abuse!

My toes are still swollen and sore but my summer shoes haven’t aggravated them any more so are definitely the answer!

Tomorrow I have a full rest day to collect my bike, do my washing, organise accommodation and check my route files – it doesn’t sound too restful, but vital things to do!

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  1. Back to your second home and a some well earned rest
    Hope the planning goes well tomorrow and the summer shoes help the toe recover

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