Day 27 – Herbrandston to Newport (Pembrokeshire) – A new perspective, the hills felt easier!

Thursday 22nd March

I woke up with a bit of a headache, I don’t think I had enough water to drink the day before. I still managed to get going though and was on the road by quarter past 7. I had to cycle around another small river mouth and then towards St Brides, where the small roads then pretty much followed the coast to Newgale. I was constantly cycling up steep hills, just to dip back down them to the next seaside village. The coastline is very rugged, a mixture of bays and headlands, despite the grey day the views were breathtaking. I tried hard to capture what I was seeing on camera but the photos weren’t doing the scenery justice today.

This time of year it’s very quiet as a lot of the homes are second homes and holiday homes, but this was part of the beauty this morning, I felt like the views I was seeing were secret – mine and no one else’s. The roads were very quiet and very well surfaced. Despite the same amount of climbing as the previous day, it felt so much easier.

I stopped occasionally to take photographs and read your messages of support. I was told when climbing a steep hill to think that all of you are with me and pushing me up, this really worked!

I had a text from Peter and Julie, my hosts for the evening asking me to let them know when I left St David’s in the hope that Peter could join me before he had to leave for an appointment in the afternoon. To their delight I was making very good progress and we arranged to meet further along the route.

I stopped in St David’s for a quick hot chocolate and to have a look at the Cathedral. I knew it was Great Britain’s smallest city but it really is village sized, much smaller than the town where I live.

As I continued there were a good few miles of flat riding, I Kept passing stiff peaks pointing along the coastline  and hoped I wouldn’t have to cycle up them, but they looked like rock outcrops rather than hills. Julie drove Peter to my location (at the bottom of a hill!) and we climbed it together. I was going to keep it a secret, but I put my bags in Julie’s car, so the steep hill felt really easy! It’s amazing how much difference carrying luggage makes to the effort needed to lug it up all of the hills. Without it my trike feels like a different trike!

We reached their house on the outskirts of Newport and what a view they have – they look over Newport Bay. I kept looking out staring at the breathtaking view watching those walking along the beach and others practising kite surfing. My cycling day finished early as I hadn’t stopped for long and although I didn’t rush it meant that I could cycle with Peter. Julie made us toasties and gave us cake, I then had time to wash my clothes and my hair and relax for the afternoon. I spent a while rubbing and stretch my sore legs but tiredness won and I found myself lying down.

From when I arrived I could smell the lamb stew in the slow cooker and I was very excited for dinner, this is one of my absolutely favourite dishes. Because I can’t eat onion and garlic I can never usually eat something like this when I am away from home. It lived up to better than expectations and I could have been eating the same stew I make at home, to top it off Julie had cooked a large amount of Kale. I have been really struggling to eat the amount of green vegetables that we do at home, others just don’t eat the same amount as we do and you rarely get served more than a few leaves at restaurants! This was finished off with a fruit crumble – delicious!

After an afternoon of being made to feel at home and relaxing and an evening of great food and conversation I retired to bed (with an electric blanket)  to prepare for more hills tomorrow!

4 Replies to “Day 27 – Herbrandston to Newport (Pembrokeshire) – A new perspective, the hills felt easier!”

  1. Sounds like you really enjoyed your day today hope you have many more like it as Spring progresses

  2. Happy today was so much better! Thinking about not being able to eat onion and garlic (same here), have you tried Anila’s Sauces? They’re gluten, dairy, onion and garlic free (they say somewhere in their info that onion and garlic can interupt meditation so some Hindu food doesn’t contain them). We normally cook our own sauces but they are handy for quick meals, as long as not too spicy. Anila is quite often at food markets in Surrey and Berkshire or she has a website (I’ve no affiliation, just get excited when I find something without onion and garlic!) Happy Cycling 😀

  3. Great day! Liked the photos – way different from the USA. Continued best wishes for your adventure!

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